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Here is a list of great online resources dedicated to the topic of the Friends TV show so that you can further your knowledge of America's finest TV show.

Friends Frequently Asked Questions
Quite an informative website with what has got to be the Internet's most comprehensive FAQ sheet on the Friends TV show.

Friends Café
An excellent website containing lots of photos, background information on the actors and scripts of all 236 episodes.

The Friends Place
A simple but original website with background information on the actors as well as Friends desktop themes and screen savers.

TV Tome: Friends TV Series
A good website with useful background information on the show itself and all of the people involved in making and producing it.

Official Friends Website from Warner Bros.
The official website from the makers of the Friends TV show.

All You Need is Friends
A great website on the Friends TV show with cast info, news, autograph addresses, multimedia, Friends merchandise and a lot more.

Friends Newsletters
A neat website that allows you to stay up to date with news concerning the Friends sitcom.

Roni's Ross and Rachel Page
A website with lots of pictures and everything you ever wanted to know about Ross and Rachel.

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