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Friends Complete Box Set

The complete DVD box set of the Friends TV show contains all the ten Friends seasons that were aired from fall 1994 to spring 2004, making it the ultimate gift for all true fans of America's finest TV show.

Plot Summary

It starts off with the story that has it all begin, where Rachel runs out from her wedding with Barry and then meets Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey in the Central Perk café.

Over the course of several seasons, relationships form and break, other people come and go, and personalities develop, yet the tight-knit group of six close friends stays together.

The story culminates in a grand finale where Ross and Rachel find together at last, Chandler and Monica -- married by the time -- move to a New York suburb, Phoebe has found and married her soul mate Mike, and Joey has grown into a much more mature adult, still looking for his better half.

DVD Facts & Seasons List

The 30 disc set captures the complete Friends TV show with all its 236 episodes -- which translates into nearly 90 full hours of programming -- featuring special guest stars from George Clooney, Elle MacPherson, Julia Roberts, to Bruce Willis and many, many more.

The episodes are available in extended versions, including previously unseen footage. Each series is in three discs which are double sided to save space.

To get an idea of what the respective DVD sets contain, or to read up on individual episodes, select one of the seasons from below:

Friends Season 1 DVD Set
"Pilot" to "The One Where Rachel Finds Out"

Friends Season 2 DVD Set
"The One With Ross' New Girlfriend" to "The One With Barry & Mindy's Wedding"

Friends Season 3 DVD Set
"The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy" to "The One at the Beach"

Friends Season 4 DVD Set
"The One With the Jellyfish" to "The One With Ross' Wedding"

Friends Season 5 DVD Set
"The One After Ross Says Rachel" to "The One in Vegas"

Friends Season 6 DVD Set
"The One After Vegas" to "The One With the Proposal"

Friends Season 7 DVD Set
"The One With Monica's Thunder" to "The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding"

Friends Season 8 DVD Set
"The One After 'I Do'" to "The One Where Rachel Has a Baby"

Friends Season 9 DVD Set
"The One Where No One Proposes" to "The One in Barbados"

Friends Season 10 DVD Set
"The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss" to "The Last One"

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Friends DVD Complete Box Set

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